How to open a bank account in Switzerland?

How to open a bank account in Switzerland? It has become easy to open a bank account in Switzerland to serve individuals, but the identity of the person must be proven. Swiss banks are obliged to verify the identity of the customer by requesting many documents and documents that prove the identity of the person, and this is for non-residents in Switzerland where their identity card is verified Through the mail by submitting certified copies.


Is it difficult to open a bank account in Switzerland?

But it has become difficult to open an account in Swiss banks, especially for American citizens who reside in the Confederacy because there are many issues related to tax evasion.


However, there are many Swiss banks that allow non-residents to open accounts in Switzerland, although this requires additional administrative procedures.


How to open a bank account for non-residents in Switzerland?

Swiss banks only allow the creation of a savings account, as banks in Switzerland impose restrictions on non-residents of the country compared to what is imposed on the bank account of people officially residing in Switzerland.


But if the entry to Switzerland is through a tourist visa, the person will have the right to obtain a debit card that enables him to withdraw the funds in the personal account, as well as the availability of a number of online banking services for non-residents of the country. As for the checkbook, it is not allowed for non-residents in Switzerland. Switzerland, where the cost of managing the account ranges from ten to twenty dollars only.


Reasons why people with money prefer Swiss banks


Bank secrecy

Swiss banks are distinguished from other countries in the world by their confidentiality systems towards accounts, which work to protect the customer’s information and not to interfere in his private affairs, and they also prohibit the disclosure of any existing account without taking the customer’s consent.


Being able to create accounts with fake names

Secret accounts in Swiss banks can be created using pseudonyms or fictitious, or by replacing the names with secret numbers known only to the account holder.


Switzerland enjoys stability and political neutrality

Swiss banks are characterized by respect for the main standards of neutrality in general in various disputes, as they adhere to the traditions of the state as well as enjoying political, economic, and social stability


Swiss bank brokerage

  • Swiss banks include a grievance committee for their banks, and this body is located in the city of Zurich, which examines complaints in cases of disputes and conflicts between banks and their customers, and offers many solutions.
  • The most important procedures required for a bank statement for non-residents in Switzerland
  • It is necessary for the person to be eligible to have a bank account within the country.
  • Swiss banks require verification of the account holder before completing the registration process in order to maintain the integrity of the bank's funds and prevent any illegal money from being saved from illegal activities.
  • Actions have also increased following the campaigns launched by the US Department of Justice against tax evasion for fear of legal punishment.
  • It is worth noting that the application to open a bank account in Switzerland is rejected regardless of the source of income or nationality in the event that the person is political and at risk, or has participated in a scandal, or has a suspicious reputation.
  • Switzerland has a great banking system - it has privacy policies that generally protect customer data.
  • Disclosing any customer information is also a criminal offense punishable by Swiss law. In this article, we learned how to open a bank account for non-residents of the country.


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